According to Circulo Fortuny and Bain & Company, 6 in every 10 consumers are influenced by sustainability in the moment of deciding which product to take from the shelf.

This parameter is increasing its relevance and since 2018, Google searches for words related to sustainability have grown 75%. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, making sustainability a key element for any sector. The study highlights the luxury and high-end sector as one of the most aware of the matter, but also as one of the most impacted, as fashion represents 25% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Círculo Fortuny believes that, within five years, sustainability will be the differentiating factor that will distinguish leaders. But it is a 360-degree sustainability, which involves, in addition to the environment, employees, customers, suppliers and the local communities where companies develop their activity.

Source: Grande Consumo – Circulo Fortuny